Sociological Publications*


2020. 'The Displaced as ‘Ordinary Citizens’: Exploring Variation in the Political Attitudes of the Displaced from Donbas', with Gwendolyn Sasse. Europe-Asia Studies vol. 72 no. 3: pp. 354-382


2019. 'War and state-making in Ukraine. Forging a civic identity from below?', with Gwendolyn Sasse. Ideology and Politics vol. 12, no. 1:  pp. 75-98


2019. 'Attitudes and identities across the Donbas front line: What has changed from 2016 to 2019?', with Gwendolyn Sasse. ZOiS Report 3/2019


2018. 'War and Identity: the case of the Donbas in Ukraine', with Gwendolyn Sasse. Post-Soviet Affairs vol. 34, no. 2-3: pp. 139-157.


2018. 'Wahrnehmungen von Ungleichheit in Mittel- und Osteuropa'. ZOiS Spotlight  32/2018


2018. 'Public Perceptions in Flux: Identities, War, and Transnational Linkages in Ukraine', with Gwendolyn Sasse. ZOiS Report 4/2018



Further Publications


Christoph Prégardien. 'Für mich ist so ein Liederabend immer wieder eine Art Therapie'. Interview for Liedwelt Rheinland


Michael Gees. 'Wie klingt die Welt?'. Interview for Liedwelt Rheinland




* Alice Lackner studied at the RWTH Aachen University the  Bachelor of Arts "Philosophy/Sociology"  (2011-2014) and at the Freie Universität Berlin the Master of Arts 'Sociology of European Societies' (2015-2018).  Since 2016, Alice Lackner  has been working for the ZOiS Berlin (Centre for East European and International Studies).